I’m at the beach with my family.
My cousins have brought weed.
My sister and cousin have gotten trashed.
Granpa and I walked on the beach at like 6am.
BF did not come with. I have only WiFi and the bill wasn’t paid so I can’t call him, but he can call me. I could borrow some one’s phone but I am being a brat and waiting for him to call me.
I want to smoke, but I don’t want to ask my cousin for some because said cousin is younger than me and I don’t want to be that guy.
I had a dream: I was driving in my car. I see the moon high in the sky but very big and very full. Underneath is a mountain of clouds silhouetted in silver. I try to get a picture of it with my phone still driving. I get scared so I put the phone down. I see I am at a stop light and my car has turned into a bike. I turn right and am stopped by someone I know. We exchange hellos then I ride on. I ghetto a church on a hill. I go inside to change and freshen up. Inside two little girls say hi. I tell them what I am doing and they go outside to play. When I get out of the bathroom from changing a pastor is going through my bag. He pulls out a blanket I had embroidered. He tells me it is good and that I should stay and make more. I tell him I don’t want to stay. So he says ok. I leave the building. I look behind the church because I see a path. I ask the little girl if the path leads to a road. She says she doesn’t know. I walk down a little and see it does not. So I get back on the road, my bike is now folded up and in my pack. I walk on……


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