Went to M’s last night had a hit drank some stuff. Talked about me moving out not. Maybe decided not to. We talked about dogs. It’s hard to find a dog that’s perfect. That can walk without a leash, isn’t bitey, can chill inside, likes to cuddle, and is still very protective. Maybe having three dogs is the key. One to cuddle and be lazy, one to be active and outside, one to balance both of the others.
We talked about childhoods. How she had a perfect one….like ideal….with a garden in the back yard and a mother who made family meals everyday a decent house but not super expensive so they could still have vacations and big Christmases. Then how she can crashing down when she realized it was a fake. That nothing was “perfect” That her mom was depressed and her dad was a fuck ass. I figure that is why she reacts so big to things now.  That maybe that is a major personality factor. When you figure out the lies.
Also talked about bf and his bad tummy. How I am  positive it is stress related but he thinks it is spiritual and more than it is. He goes on a mission trip today. I want him to love it.
Then we watched Milo and Otis


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