So there I was watching porn. Then I began to put myself in the girls place. I’ve watched porn for a while…at least to the point where I no longer go to the “Sex” category. I go to the DP or Gangbang…..or I put adjectives in the search bar like….extreme, brutal, or facefuck…..ya know..
Anyway back to me being in the girl’s place. I was picturing it and it made me think that I could handle being roughed up by a couple of guys. Or being bound and passed around guy to guy. Then it made me think about the society I live in. That a girl can get money if she agrees to have sex on camera with a man because now she is an “actor”.

Then I thought about Uganda and the girls getting kidnapped there. And the little girls abducted in other parts of Africa to be taken to the jungle and put in the “army”. The girls are not fighting. They use the boys for that. The girls are sex slaves now. Forced to do the very same acts I watch on my computer. Forced to do the same acts I have desensitized myself of to the point where I think I could be in that place.

What if I had the chance to be a porn star…..or take the place of an abducted girl about to become a sex slave.

What’s the difference??


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