One time I was dating this girl who was way beneath me in looks. Just plain and simple was. I was dating her because I wanted to have sex, but not with a guy. Because I didn’t know if I really liked it yet. I love the woman figure. It gets me hot to watch porn or even see pictures of. I like to watch a woman get fucked. So I picked her because she was safe, it was a sure thing, and I really needed a constant source of sex.

We were dating…I switched my status on MySpace….. Yeah…..MySpace….to “swinger” and I got a message from this guy who was all “Lol….but really…are you a swinger?”. So I thought…..I dunno maybe I am…..and told him more or less that I was in an experimental stage. He asked for my number……and don’t tell anyone but I let him have it…

The Girl, J, was staying the night with me because my parents were out of town. He calls and asks what I’m doing and we talk casual….then he asks if I have ever had phone sex. I say no. He kinda starts….just like right away and was all ” What would you do if I started kissing you ?” . So I had to reply with “I’d kiss you back”. I learned I was not good at phone sex….but I was trying. We go deeper and more detailed….then the dude is all ” What if there was another guy, and you start sucking him, while I kiss you.”

And my face just dropped and if I had been touching myself I would have stopped. That killed it for me. I just started giggling and I lost it and couldn’t even try to make that sexy. And the guy tried real hard, but it broke. When he realized I was done he asked me to leave the phone on while me and J had sex. I told him there was no inconspicuous way to do that, and she wouldn’t ho for it. He wanted it bad. I was just done
Way too awkward.
So yeah. That happened.


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