So imagine you’ve been living somewhere for about eight months. Your neighbor who is rather cute but a douche bag stops you in the hallway and says,You really don’t remember do you?” You stop, a little irritated, and say “Remember what?” The guy laughs a little and shrugs at you. He moves to go to his apartment. “What the hell are you talking about?” You say a little harshly. You’re aggravated by his snarky mouth. He stops, gives you a slow look up and down, “Well, at first I thought you were kidding when I saw you at my door” he starts, “but then I saw you were sleepwalking and you never wake a sleepwalker. So I let you in to lay on the couch. But you didn’t lay down. You jumped me all tongue down my throat and gropey. Then you started undressing yourself and me…..and we…..well….you know…”. You just stare at him in disbelief. ” How could you take advantage of me like that!?!?” You shout at him holding back the urge to punch him. He gives you that shit eating grin and says, “You’re not supposed to wake a sleep walker”


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