I think I might be a Chimera. Is that weird to think? Maybe. It seems that I have one ear lobe attached and one earlobe unattached. I have heard it”s rare to have a dominant and a recessive trait present at the same time. One teacher told me I was part of an ear cutting cult and that’s why my ears looked that way. So I looked some stuff up online and found that one ear is either deformed, something that is called a mosaic where your cells just obey a different pattern on that certain thing (such as the making of ears), or a chimera which is having two completely different sets of DNA present at the same time which is something like a twin absorbing his twin but still keeping his DNA intact. I think I have understood that correctly. Anyway, I pick Chimera because it’s the cooler one and my mothers side does have twins in recent history and now my father’s side also. So maybe. It could explain why I feel bisexual.


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