So I was thinking about what it means to be made in God’s image but also still being made from the world (the whole he took the dust and breathed life into it) and how Carl Sagan is right in one way…we are star dust…and how religion is still right…we are made in God’s image…they both coexist. God created everything so us being made of the items in space is still pretty dang amazing. I have minerals and proteins and things floating around inside me that meteorites carry millions and millions of miles. I’m pretty awesome cellularly.
That train led me to thinking about how the earth truly does feed me. Not just all my food grows on the earth but that the atmosphere actually feeds my cells. That the air doesn’t poison me.
Which led me to what it means to be separated from God. And I imagined the world and all it’s cells passing through this goo that surrounds my body. That too is God. So everything the earth gives me is filtered through God. But then God was lost….and the world is no longer filtered through my God goo. The world just touches me now. All harsh and basic.
And that is where we are now. Without our filter, without our goo, without God.


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