Of course he fell in love.
Back then
I made love
I didn’t know how to fuck.

So W gave her cousin L my number. He lives in Hawaii and does some sort of electric/construction. He doesn’t smoke anymore because it was too available and he didn’t see the point anymore
I want to talk to him.

A long time ago when I was about fourteen, we started talking on MySpace. Then he got my cell and we started talking on the phone. Then one night I was staying at E’s and he came over.
We did dirty things in his car and ended up having sex. We talked some more on Myspace and the phone after that…but not much. W says he was obsessed with me. At the time I didn’t find him all that cute. So I may have started to ignore him. Then I moved towns. So we quit talking altogether.

He was going to move out of state four years after that incident and he asked W to ask me if I would have sex with him again because he wanted a good send off.

Thing is, my motivations to see him make me feel selfish when I think about them. I want an escape. Hawaii is beautiful. He would help me with everything. He already wants to love me. I just don’t know a damn thing about him and he truthfully doesn’t know a damn thing about me either. But we may be both willing to start that bare.

And that would be cool. To start that bare with someone. Absolutely honest.

He hasn’t even contacted me yet. I am probably counting chickens before they hatch. Making statements and assuming. I am a hopeless romantic. And a slut.

He is a really nice guy though. Or was anyway.


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