M and I have been getting high almost every night lately. She and her husband are leaving the state soon. We hold on to these moments. Here are some gems.

M- Man cougars are Panthers!
M- I just want to roll around on the ground and say how cool God is! Eeeeeee!
B- I basically just want a bookclub I get paid to go to. Like teaching 8th grade reading
M- What if I’ve been an adult for a while now and didn’t know it?
M- Why didn’t animated singing and dancing objects and animals scare the crap out of us?
MB- Innocent people are missing experiences so they seem incomplete as people. They could never fully understand you. You feel like you’re lying to them.
BM- Pangaea was Eden
M- This bowl is still weed
MB- Dial Up    Limewire, man. ALL. DAMN. DAY. “OK mom, I’ve gotta go out. There’s twelve hours left on my download. Just leave it open OK?   People like us are the reason stuff got illegal
MB- I think my granpa’s smart. We played puzzle together. They didn’t get done super fast. But everyone got to work on it. Even the kids. That was a really good idea granpa!
M-I lobe hearing sub-conversations. You’re at a party and hearing conversations inside [or outside?] Conversations. You’re talking. You’re texting. You’re making a scene.
M- for once the book store girl was a siren not a saint



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