Do our dead actually know what goes on in the world? Is that an issue a being of the next realm would really be worried about? What if it was just like meeting your cousin after like ten or fifteen years. You have to catch up. Or at the time the dead just feel the need to catch the first person the recognize up. But we find out those things really don’t matter now. Like the movie Wristcutters or something like that. The world was just….the world…I mean, in Jonah Hex the dead saw the living. We have lots of movies with the dead visiting the living. I don’t think we’d be allowed to visit. I think we will still be working towards something when we die. I’ve been told (I lack patience in research) there will be a new world and we will still have a job in the next world to come it is just a Godly world and a perfect world. Which can sound like we’re starting again, but we aren’t. It’s a job, and we have much if we prove worthy of it and little if we prove worthy to that. But there will be no jealousy or anger. We accept this because we know and expect justice. (The parable of the employer giving three men shares to invest for him, and then the verse that says When a man faces God he goes through judgment like flames and when he has been judged he will be saved or denied but if Jesus steps in and you are saved then you will be just saved as a man through fire. You will have what you have and be happy for it. Again I lack research patience and a memory)

I’ve been reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and it has me thinking fun thoughts.


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