T and I broke up like a month and a half ago. St and I have been flirting through text for the last four days. He is like the total package for me. He has a nice job and lives on his own. He is outdoorsy and has a very positive attitude. Buuut he is a mutual friend so I feel trashy. But on the other hand St is really hot and makes me act like a dork. We are going on a date when he gets in town. He lives about two hours away. Son even being a mutual friend, he isn’t “around”. And now that M and her husband are leaving the group dynamic will deff be wonky. So I don’t see a lot of repercussion. Except for making ex feel bad and paranoid. St and I never acted or played or hinted at our crush while ex and I were dating but one cannot help but to think such thoughts once something like that is in the open. Fuck. Whatever. I want to be happy dammit.


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