I like this guy. He is pretty awesome. Problem was he was an old friend. He was a friend of my recent ex. New guy and I began to talk an express interest in each other.
So we met the other night. We had a date planned for Sat. We hung out on Fri night and ended up having sex. We know. We have known each other for about three years though. That’s our excuse.
He is wonderful. He makes me feel happy and giddy and girly. He almost tried to talk me out of sex but he is a guy after all so it happened anyway.
We are a thing. Officially. He talked to my ex and got “permission”. We are official. He is my boyfriend.
I feel so inadequate beside him though. In my mind he is so mature and set. He makes good decisions and has a level head. I feel like a third grader beside him.
He is so beautiful though. Oh my gosh
And my size so we both fit on one aide of a car. So much so that he can straddle me and I don’t feel like I am gunna die.
I’ve never been with someone ” my size” before. I like it.
He’s adventurous and makes plans. He can take me on dates and actually afford to pay for me. He seems to really like me for some strange reason.
We may not be taking it slow in the conventional way, but I know that we are on the same page regardless.


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