Romans 10

Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes.

The word is near you, it is in your heart and in your mouth

-So, to say, “Who will go to heaven?” is to bring Christ down. Why? Maybe because He did go to heaven by following the law and living a righteous life. just as humans are called to do. Just as we could? Moses said that following the law was not hard. It was not like going to heaven (don’t you get to heaven by following the law??) But humans just can’t follow the law.  Humans never could.  Ever since the fall, man was born into sin.  There is no way for us to be righteous because the mere act of being born (which is of no choice by the individual) brings that human into sin as a consequence of The Fall. So God gave us a set of laws and a way of life to follow and go about knowing humans could never achieve it. Then after a few years of trying to get humans to listen (free will meaning maybe humans could obey the law? Would that make us willing machines?) God sends Jesus to tell everyone that what humans understand as The Law no longer applies and that as long as we believe that Jesus is God in the heart, and confess with the mouth the same, humans are saved and welcome into the kingdom of God.

It is with your heart that you are justified and believe

The same Lord is Lord of all

-So, bring the message. All are the same and worthy of worshiping God. Because the individual’s own heart is what brings them to God. But how can they get to God unless they are told about Him?

J and I had sex before our first date. I am going to visit him this weekend, and we will have sex then too. I am pretty sure he is two weeks from saying I love you.  We’ve already been hinting and teasing about me moving in with him. Things are moving fast.  We are both just equally excited to be with someone who seems to actually care.  I think he matches my enthusiasm, and I his. It seems that we are both ready to settle into someone. Not necessarily settle down and start having kids and all that. We are both pretty sure that if kids come into our lives it will be much later and likely adopted. We both want to travel around and see somethings first. i don’t want to wait until I am retired to travel. I don’t care if i live in a shack as long as i can have a job and a car that allow me to travel. i think he is on the same level.  We had talks about the Tiny House movement and we are both into it. I really like this guy. He seems like a lot of fun.  Plus he gets me motivated to work out and get healthy. He hikes and runs, works out about three times a week. Gosh, I’m surprised he even finds me attractive. He’s a dog person too. which is awesome because I just got a puppy. Hound/boxer mix.

I kind of just want to assimilate my life into his, I think he’s better than I am, which makes mewant to be better for him. That’s good right?  That’s growth, yes?


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