Bf has been at my house for the last two nights. It’s weird having him inside my life and schedule. He asked me if I thought we could mesh our lives together and live in the same place eventually. I of course said yes. He also has been saying “when we get married” not if. Ha. I love it. I wear him out though. I have a high sex drive. He gets tired. I also have a puppy. Which in this stage equals a kid. So he’ll have to get used to that. And actually disciplining it.
It kind of scares me how “normal” our lives will have to get. I’ll miss the lusty part. It’s still here, don’t get me wrong, but there will be nights he won’t want to have sex, and I will have to deal.

My past has pretty much equated sex to love. So it’s hard for me when people say no to me. It makes me feel slapped. But I have to deal.


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