I’m the girl that asks for it.  You know how the guys say, “Well she was asking for it.” That’s me. I want people to like me, so I’m nice and make eye contact. I show interest (sometimes I fake it) and I try to keep the conversations going.  I started a new job as a massage therapist.  My first day this male client starts talking to me. He’s older and Indian. I used to work with a lot of Indians at my previous job.  So we begin talking and he asks questions about what I like, how old I am, if i give massages outside of the spa.  Me being too honest, I say yes, to friends and family and church friends.  He asks if I might give him some private massages and I get flustered.  I say I might be able to do that.  I stupidly give him my number. When I get home I freak out.  That is completely unprofessional. It’s stealing clients, and kinda creepy.  What if he wanted something other than a massage. Now I’ve put myself in an awful position.  So when he calls I ignore him.  About two months go by when he comes back in.  During the massage he asks if I gave him the right number I say I  did, I just didn’t get his calls. While massaging his arms he kind of grabs on to mine and almost doesn’t let go.  I was a little worried I might have to use my pepper spray.  But he did let go and i finished his session.  While saying the goodbye pleasantries he goes in for a hug and also kisses me on the cheek.  I just get flustered again and go into the room to remake the table.  Now I feel like I can’t report the incident because he has the card with my number on it and can say that I kind of started it.  Which I did. Because I am an idiot.  But that is not proper behavior. I just pray he doesn’t request me again and goes on with his life. I asked for it.  i put myself in that stupid situation. Cool.


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