I found this “New Age Bullshitter”  It’s a website that gives you a bunch of profound sounding “New Age” words.  The guy who created it coded the site to spout off key words and phrases most new agers use.  Things about humanity, the journey, quantum oohysics, and the like.  It’s fun to push the button and see all the junk it comes out with.  It’s fun, and it’s sad.  Because though this is an automatic process, it still comes out sounding like it was written by “Spirit Science” or whatever.  A part of me is into that stuff.  It’s hard not to be when you’re a massage therapist.  Another part of me is pretty practical and thinks too much “spirituality” is not healthy.  I saw a quote once that pretty much summed that up.  (Which I cannot find no matter what I put into Google…and I don’t remember where I saw it) It said something to the effect of; as humans we are meant to live in the middle.  We are not animals, and we are not angels. Trying to live as either one throws us off balance and ruins God’s design for us.

So that being said; as humans we are in what seems like a perpetual state of purgatory. We are the “middle ground” for everything that goes on around us.  The only things we know for certain are the things we can observe.  Which is no wonder why so many people are turning away from God and becoming either entirely “spiritual” (a kind of narcissistic spirituality) or entirely…animalistic.  When I say animalistic, I do not mean barbaric. I more mean…human. In every sense of the word. There is intelligence there, but the world is the world and that is all there is or all that matters. Anyway.

And true to what I view as the real nature of human (purgatory, middle man) I am still torn between these views.  I believe in God and spirit, but I believe in science and facts. What exists now is what matters.  Who cares about string theory and multiple universes.  I live here, and now, in this reality.  This is my home.  With computers, and forests. With aall levels of civilization around me.  Where I think nothing is impossible but maybe a little improbable, but not impossible.



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