A bird cage

I had a dream about a bird last night. A man gave me a truck.  He told me to watch his baby and to watch his bird.  In dream fashion, I forgot about them both for about a week.  I found the baby and cuddled him.  I told the baby I would never leave him alone like that again.  I looked into the bird-cage and the bird was hanging upside down breathing very heavily.  So I opened the front of the cage and let it fly free.  It flew to a nearby tree and rested on the ground.  The bird looked fairy disheveled.  I took the baby to my mother’s.   It wasn’t mine and I clearly was not ready to take care of it.

I have plenty of dreams in that nature.  I have a pet or a child and somehow I am unfit to take care of it.  It’s probably an adequacy complex.  I know that I am terrified of the responsibility it brings.   I have a dog and I take care of him well, but i don’t think I could handle too much more than that.  I probably worry unnecessarily, but maybe deep down I don’t want a child.  I hated being a kid.  Why would I create that for another soul? That’s just irresponsible and unkind.  I’m glad BF doesn’t want kids either.


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