I love ribbons.  If I weren’t 25 I would wear them in my hair everyday.  I collect them to put on gifts.  I think a gift without a ribbon is naked and shows you didn’t take time or care.  Last Christmas I used hemp rope and camo wrapping paper for the boys, and brown paper and gold ribbons for the girls.  I have a real job now, so this year I was actually able to get people the kind of gifts I could be proud of.  I was actually able to give some good thought into it and hardly anyone had to be passed up. Everyone was pleased.  Sometimes I wish my dog was a girl so I could put ribbons around him.  I’m not that weird though, I don’t put ribbons on my boy dog.  I do think a lot of things need that little extra touch.  Just to show that you thought about it.  As much as we are told not to judge a book by it’s cover, we do.  Quite literally I have put a book down because I did not like it’s cover, and the same goes for albums.  People, well, honestly people dress how they want to be seen.  You can’t necessarily guess if they are kind or not from their appearance but you sure can tell a lot about them regardless.  I wish I could wear ribbons without feeling childish.  I don’t care what others think, but i do pay attention to what I think, and I think I am childish when I put bows or ribbons in my hair.  Ah well.


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