Human Spirit

While skimming Facebook I saw an article about a few dogs that had been left out in their kennel over night during this awfully freezing weather.  The title said the citizens that could hear the dogs crying were “demanding” punishment.  Even though I agree that leaving the animals out in freezing temps is wrong, especially if you own them and have a place to put them, I wonder what right anybody has to “demand” anything of someone else.  The animals have no voice (technically) so a human must speak for them.  I can see that.  But I am reminded of another article about Shaming.  With the internet and social mediaa it is so easy to find some mistake a person made and to blow it out and “demand” action be taken to correct the slight.  In the article it talks about a woman who was going to Africa and made a rather insensitive joke on Twitter about AIDS.  While on the plain to Africa someone found the tweet and mass produced it so much that by the  end of her flight people wanted her fired and destroyed basically.  Her tweet was for her followers originally; she probably didn’t have more than 100.  No one else was meant to see it, but because of a few re-tweets the world saw it and demanded blood.  Why?  Because someone made a joke in poor taste that wasn’t a comedian?  It’s like when you pas a note to your friend in school and the teacher catches you and makes you read it in front of the whole class.  It wasn’t meant for them to hear. It was meant for a specific audience.  What business does anyone have getting all worked up over anything someone was just trying to pass to their friends?  It’s bullying on a mass scale.  Anyone in any kind of service industry (and I lump ALL services from fast food to Doctors) knows that your humor turns a little dark after dealing with so many confrontations and questionable circumstances.  I have a few friends that are nurses and sometimes the things they say do shock me, but I don’t work their job.  They have to have some sense of humor or they would never last.  So yes it turns a little dark and a little insensitive to my taste, but for them it’s how they cope.  Who am I to judge how they cope as long as their job is done well?    I certainly could not be in their stead, so just let them make their jokes.  People get so angry of the silliest things.



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