Does she spread rumors maliciously or does she spread rumors because she lacks the awareness to know when she is being told something confidential?   What is a rumor anyway?  What if what he says is the truth?  Is that still a rumor?  When do you cross the threshold of rumor from polite conversation?  (Probably when you have to lower your voice)  Is everything we read or see on the news (technically) a rumor?    I used to be jealous of people in high school that had rumors about them.. It meant that someone cared enough to talk about them.  Some of the kids knew my name but I never made any sort of impact.  I was far too passive. I suppose you would say that it’s a good thing i didn’t have rumors about me.  I say it’s a bad thing.  It means I did nothing.  Which, honestly, is what I did.  Nothing.  I talked to no one.  I read books.  I had a total of three friends.  When I moved away and came back, I had one.  I see people from high school out in the world, and thy don’t recognize me.  Because I made zero impact on their lives.  My goal is to start better this time.  The people I work with will remember me after I am gone.  I will make impact and I will be talked about, Otherwise I feel like I am just wasting time.


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