Happy April Fools Day!  There will be no jokes from me.  I don’t like to deceive people.  It hurts my feelings.

Last night I threw out the last bit of weed I had, along with my little one hitter.  It was so sad.  The weed was just floating on the water and poor little rosebud had to go to the trash.  Yeah, I named my pipe.  It was a cute little wooden thing with a brass bowl.  It was a little thicker than a cig but not as long.  She was cute.  I do this every few years.  I get into some kind of drug, binge for a month then throw everything out because i can’t handle lying to the people I love. Also, i wouldn’t want to let down my bf.  I feel like he has some expectations of me and something like that would just lower me a litte in his eyes.  I couldn’t handle that.

On another note, I got the IUD inserted yesterday.  I chose the hormone free copper Paragard.  Getting it inserted felt absolutely disgusting.  The pain, was just like bad menstrual cramps, but add that to the crazy feeling of things inserting your cervix/uterus….YUCK.  Things aren’t supposed to touch those inside parts.  I guess it was just weird that I could feel it.  I got a little dizzy during the procedure but afterwards I was ok.  I took three Midol before and I think that helped with the after cramps because  was able to work fine (and I am a massage therapist so I am on my feet all day).  My cervix is a little bruised and I am kinda glad bf and I won’t see each other until Saturday.  It gives me time to heal.  He’s actually been really sweet and supportive through the whole thing.  It benefits him too.  The Pragard gives me 10 (!!!!!!!!!!) years of birthcontrol.  TEN!!!!!! YEARS!!!!!  I’ll get checked with an ultrasound in a month, then after that it only gets looked at during yearly gyno check ups (unless something weird happens).  I am happy with my choice.


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