Certain aromas always bring up memories.  Old Spice reminds me of summers with my dad.  My sister and I jamming to Tragic Kingdom and Boys2Men. Sometimes the mixture of fried food and White grape blunts remind me of my grandparents’ house in Texas.  Even though they didn’t smoke weed, for some reason that mixture is still what their house smelled like.

Smells can also make me happy or sad.  A scent that reminds me of an old boyfriend can either send me into a panic attack or make me a tad nostalgic.  The scent of Dunkin Donuts reminds me of my first job ever and working with the Asian Indians that owned it.  They were awesome and I loved it.  However the smell of a gas station reminds me of working at a truck stop and struggling to pay my bills, get enough sleep, and finish school.

My favorite smell right now is my dog.  Not all over him, just this one spot on his muzzle between his nose pad and the bridge.  It almost smells like puppy breath, but also a little cold at the same time.  It smells fresh and brand new.  It makes my heart melt and puts me in a happy place.  When I get stressed and he is around I grab hiz muzzle and plant my nose there and just love him for a little bit.  In that moment, He is perfect and can do no wrong.



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