Reminds me of the cinnamon challenge all those idiots out there tried.  Why?!

Really though, I love cinnamon.  It smells good and it adds a great flavor to a lot of meals.  I like real cinnamon, not that crappy fake smelling stuff.

It reminds me of fall. Fall is a favorite time for me because of all the good smells and good feelings that come with it.  I suppose it is a good thing we have all those gushy family type holidays in the colder months.  We have to spend more time inside with each other so we might as ell have some holidays to look forward to. Cinnamon brings thoughts of hot chocolate and warm cider to sip on while sitting by a fire or cuddled on the couch reading.  If you say cinnamon (after a quick chuckle) I think about love and family.  I think about pies and warmth.  Right now it even makes me cry a little because I’m reminded my family is so far away now.  Even some of my friend/family.

Cinnamon is warmth, love, cuddles, happiness, and comfort.


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