Bf and I went kayaking this past weekend.  That was a trip.  To be honest I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the thought of being “trapped” waist down in a smallish boat with a helmet, a dry top, and a life jacket on.  I am slightly terrified of water.  I love it, when I have full access to all of my limbs.  So going into it with those thoughts I was a touch apprehensive.  Turns out it was a  lot of fun though.  Nothing I want to adopt as a hobby, but I am glad I got the experience in.  The first day was a meet and greet.  We camped with Bf’s neighbors and their kayaking friends.  Lots of beer was had.  One guy got very very drunk but somehow managed to kick my ass at cornhole. Go figure.  The second day we got all of our gear together and went to the lake with the instructor and learned how to get ourselves out of the kayak.  What they call Wet Exists.  So basically, you have this “skirt” on that forms a rather water tight seal.  There is a loop in front of you, and when you flip upside down you pull the loop and fall out of the boat. Then we learned strokes and how to control our boats.  The one I was using was impossible to control and I pretty much felt like I was in one of those damn spinning teacups at a carnival.  Then we took it to an easy section of the river and at the launch one of the students tipped and popped his shoulder out of place.  That was gross.  I saw it happen and as soon as he came out of the water I could see that extra bump on his left shoulder and I wanted to cry (my knees pop out of place sometimes and so I know it’s not a fun happening).  Luckily as he raised his arm and lowered it while Instructor assessed the damage the bone fell back in.  The rest of us continued on with no incident.   The next day we got on a rougher part of the river.  The instructor outfitted me with one of his smaller kayaks and I had a much better time controlling it.  In the calmer areas we practiced “rolls” which is what it sounds like.  You tip over and use the paddle and your hips to flip back up.  No one was able to do it without help.  The first time I tried it I got my head out of water but went back under, panicked, then pulled the loop for a “wet exit.”  Really, it was scary.  even coming out of the water I was a little afraid because I couldn’t touch and forgot I had a life jacket on.  I JUST DON’T WANT DROWN!!! Ha.  Otherwise it was a fun weekend and Bf and I had a blast.  Neither one of us want this to be our new hobby (not to mention how flippin expensive it is just to get started anyway).  Neither one of us regrets going.  Win/win. Cool thing about the trip tough, I didn’t feel ridiculously clingy.  Still awkward around the other people but I just told myself over and over that I was under no obligation to make conversation.  It takes me a while to warm up to people.  It’s who I am.  I’m not going to force it.  So yeah, good trip, fun stuff, probably never going to kayak again.

VICKA - IMG_20150427_162652800


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  1. Just reading about this confirmed that I definitely have a fear of kayaking. Glad to hear you were so brave and also glad to hear you’ll not be making it a hobby 😉

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