Bf and I made it through a roadtrip vacation and back without killing each other.  Without arguing even.  I think we each got a little irritated at some point but not exactly at each other.

The first night we arrived in Tx at my parents’ house and we made sure the dogs wouldn’t kill each other then went to sleep.  When we woke up Mother and Bf were re-introduced and Mother took us on a tour of her neighborhood.  She loves that dang golf cart and goes riding almost every night.  So she told us about everyone and their mother and house.  Suggested a few “For Sale” homes at me and Bf (she wasn’t even trying to be subtle).  Then we jumped in the lake.  When Step Dad came home we went out on the boat and swam with them.

Day Two we lollygagged around the house, went swimming, and that night we drove out to Austin to stay with my Sister.  She lives about three hours away from the Parents so we arrived late and just slept.  The next day we went out to eat at a place called Torchy’s and OH MY JEEZE the best flippin tacos either of us have ever had in the life of all tacos.  AH- MAZING. Then we traveled to the Botanical Gardens and sweated our way through some flowers and trees.  After that we went to Barton Springs and cooled off.  We made the dog walk in the water with us to get him used to it.  Bf thought it was too cold and spent most of the time on a high rock, but I loved it and pretty much lied out in the water as much as possible.  We also met Sister’s Bf.  Nice guy.  A little toolish at first but she loves him so whatever.   Then we went home and crashed.

Day Four in Austin we woke up and had breakfast at Torchy’s.Where we met my sister’s good friend A.  She was a sweetie and gave us hugs when she met us.  We then went to the Downtown Historic area of Austin and walked around looking at shops.  We had Noodle  (the dog) with us and at one point he just lied in the grass and wouldn’t move because it was so dang hot.  So we stopped and chilled with him for a bit. Then I made Sister drive us through the actual city area.  Which was a mistake because she almost killed us by merging into a giant truck.  Bf was totally freaked out.  He was so quiet on days three and four I thought he was running out of energy.  Turns out…no….he was just very overwhelmed by my sister and her spazzy brain.   That night we had pizza at a food truck then went to Congress Bridge to see the bats.  The bats were a no show though.  Which kinda sucks for Bf.  I had seen them before and they were really cool so I was disappointed when they didn’t turn out.  I told him we’d have to try again.  After the bats we went back to the parents’ house.

The rest of the days were spent at the house on the lake.  Dad made brisket on Friday and ribs on Saturday.  We hung out with the family and took it easy.  Sunday morning we headed back home to Tn.

During all this Bf asked me to move in with him.  Legitimately move in with him, not teasingly as we had been talking.  We have a date now.  Since my lease is up at the end of October, he suggested that we begin the process by about September 21  (our dating anniversary).  YIKES!  Three months.  I’m completely freaking out.  So soon!!  He’s going to me when I’m not all that put together!!  I’m going to move to a different city!  I have to get a new job!  What if we can’t share space!!?  I’ve only truly had my own space for a year and a half now.  I’ve always been living with my family (in which I shared a room with my sister until I was 17) or had a room mate.  Sharing space is not an issue with me.  Bf however, is a little bit more particular about things than I am and has had his own way with space for a little bit longer than I have.    Ah well. More to discuss and more to come.


IMG_20150609_131121265 IMG_20150611_134644796_HDR IMG_20150611_134713241 IMG_20150611_143125301 IMG_20150614_153937039_HDR


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