Why I WANT to move in with Bf:

*It’s an adventure.  For the longest time I have been feeling stagnant at home.  I hate where I live and I’m done with the area.  I feel alone.  Most of my friends there are either very busy with their lives (kids, school, demanding job) Or they mostly sit at home and smoke pot.  Now, I’ve smoked too.  Sometimes i get such a craving for it especially after a very full week of giving other people massages and aiding their aches and pains.  I have my own.  I could just get a massage where I work bbut truth be told, I do not like massages.  I have to surrender too much of my body and it reminds me too much of getting molested.  Ugh.  So, back to the adventure.  I want to move.  I’ve been wanting to move for a long time now.  I’ve been begging God to send me somewhere.  I thought maybe he’d send me to Texas with my family, but then I met Bf.

*I feel happy in his condo.  There is so much sun here.  The windows don’t directly face the light but the get so much reflection it lightens my mood almost instantly.  My apartment feels like a dungeon.  There is hardly any natural light.

*I love him.  This is (what I feel like) my first “adult” relationship.  We’ve been making long distance happen.  For about nine months now we have been choosing to live like this and be happy about it.  I mean yes it sucks not seeing him during the weekdays but I get the weekends.  It’s somewhat consistent.  I accept that he will go out with friends on week nights when I’m two hours away at work.  There is no jealousy because what would be the point?  I’m in a different town at work.  What do I expect him to do in his down time?  Pine over me??  Nope.  That’s silly.  I trust him, and know he’s not getting random numbers or flirting with random bodies.  He loves me and he’s loyal.

*He takes good care of me.  He reminds me of my appointments.  He brings me coffee in bed sometimes.  He tells me how much I mean to him so often.  He makes me feel validated and like I am a human being, not just a toy he gets to play with.  He WANTS to take care of me.

*His intentions are long term. We have had this discussion more than one.  He wants to “settle down” with someone and he wants to choose me.  He sends me articles with titles like, “How to tell if You’re Ready to Move in together”  “Six Signs of a Mature Relationship,” “Things to Discuss Before Moving In.”  I love how intentional he is and I love that he checks in with me.

*He is a good teacher.  He doesn’t get frustrated with me when I’m learning something. Even when I get flustered, he’s still very patient. The rare times he gets flustered, he apologizes for.  Basically, he doesn’t make me feel like an idiot even when I know nothing.

*The city he live in is pretty cool.  It’s very outdoorsy and the people are, in general, very friendly.  I’m still a little nervous getting around it, but that’s to be expected.  With my nervous nature as it is.

There are more I am sure, but these are just some highlights.  There are plenty of reasons in his person for why moving in with him seems like a good idea, but then the list would turn into Why my Bf makes me Happy instead of reasons to move in.  I mean, as far as the area, what else do you check for before moving in?  My job transfers well to just about any community.  It would be cool if I could work at a rehab facility or hospital. In my heart, I’m excited and terrified at the same time.  I want to do this, but I’m so comfortable where I am at home.  Regardless of the boredom I still know what to expect out of life there.

It’s Adventure Time girl.


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