As I was massaging today I had a fantasy:
So I’m massaging this lady and she loves it. Raves that I made her feel so relaxed and rested. She comes back a couple more times. Then, while in session she asks me if I would come to her house and massage her nephew. Being who I am I reply with, “Why doesn’t he just come here?” She says something about him wanting his privacy and then offers $300 for a session. So I get suspicious and say up front, “Ma’am I appreciate the offer but that is inappropriate, or it at least sounds like you’re asking for inappropriate things and I don’t do that.” So then she explains, “No no no nothing like that. My nephew is just a little famous and would rather you come to him. We’ll have a car pick you up and everything if you want.” So now I am curious and say yes.
The day comes and the car picks me up. I’m taken about forty minutes from the city to a giant house out in a field. I’m led to the door. The woman greets me and takes me to the massage room. It has all the fixings. Anything I could massage with and tons of essential oils to choose from. The nephew is already lying face down. So I make my presence known and begin the massage.
*Boring massage stuff* It’s time to turn him over and who do I see!?! None other than Mister Adam Lavine!!! *swoon*

Lol but yeah that’s a fantasy. I would be happy with any celebrity really. I mean any. As long as no “happy endings” were expected. Every once in a while though when I feel tired during a massage I say to myself “Work like you’re auditioning to be Adam’s LMT!!”
Ah well. Dreams


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