What does it matter who refuses to serve whom because of whatever? If there is a gay couple trying to marry and a judge says no out of religious views find a judge that will. Now you know who to avoid. If there is a bakery that won’t make a cake for you because of religious views, tell your friends then find a different bakery. Those people are most likely hypocrites in their own right anyway. Let them be “righteous.”
  It seems to be that people are getting so caught up in their own personal “civil rights” that common sense just flies out the window. So what if the individuals who consider themselves attracted to the same sex can get married now. “It’s an abomination” yeah well, you’re an adulterer if you’ve had more than one marriage. If you read your horoscope, you are participating in witchcraft. “The Bible clearly states in Leviticus…” Yeah well thank Jesus for coming to earth and nullifying the old testament laws so that though every man is a sinner as long as we believe we may enter heaven. So if you want to go back to works based religion and not grace based be my guest but I’m gonna chill with Jesus who (guess what!!!) said nothing about homosexuality while here on Earth but said plenty about the way a person should feel towards and treat his fellow man. So if Jesus said nothing about it I can’t seem to think why out of all the OLD testament LAWS an individual could go back to we pick the one about “homosexuality .” Why not the ones about murder…or…stealing…lying maybe?? How about the goofy ones telling us how to dress and what not to eat (pork btw…bacon would be on that list).
  So maybe people should calm down a little. Rant over.


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