So during a massage session yesterday I started thinking about a time…

One time M and I were smoking some weed.  We were in my apartment.  We were just hanging out not doing a lot of anything when one of us decided to get out some paint and cardboard to paint on.  So I got our supplies (hostess) ready and laid down two white towels.  Then we sat on the floor and I stared at my blank canvas.  I could sense that M was at about the same spot I was.  Just kind of in a free fall.  I started making some markings and it seemed that she was doing the same though a little apprehensively.  It was as if she was trying not to make a mess on the towels, because they were white.  So after a few markings I took my paintbrush and wiped it off completely on the towel leaving giant purple marks all over it.  Dunked it in the water and dried it off again on the towel.  It seemed like this broke the spell.  Now that she had seen how I treated it, she knew what to do.  She didn’t have to be as careful because clearly I didn’t give a shit.  It was funny.  It was needed, too.  I’m pretty sure it was one of the first few times we had actually smoked together.  So we both might have jut been feeling the situation out  little.  It didn’t take long after that for us to get in a good rhythm and completely relax.

I miss those days sometimes. I miss having that time to spend with her all to myself.  I’m glad we were able to have it.  I’ve only bonded strongly with two women in my life.  M and W.  I’m wondering if it will happen again.  I wouldn’t be opposed.  It would be nice to have a close girlfriend in the new city.



2 thoughts on “72415

  1. 😢😭
    I don’t even remember being in that apprehensive place but I believe you haha. Always will be some of the most significant nights, those spent losing it completely with you. Thank you for loving my mind and letting me love yours. 😘

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