In the bathroom at work, the bottom half of the wall is brick and the top half is regular wall.  I found this tiny rock in there and now I place it along the edge of the brick in random spots.  I move it about every two weeks.  So far no one has noticed.  This makes me sad because it means I don’t work with anybody who pays attention.  I mean…I found the tiny rock in the bathroom to begin with then I started placing it in random spots in the bathroom.  Sometimes it isn’t on the ledge (which is eye level when you pee).  I’ve put it on the top of the mirror, on light fixtures, and on the door.   No one has noticed anything.  Kind of bums me out.  I want to go in and find it in a different spot.  Then I can play a game with someone, “Find the Rock” We could start in the bathroom then expand to the whole store.  At least until I leave in September.  Bf want me to take the whole week off before I leave.  So the 19-27. I’m still a little paranoid about missing so much work even though I know he can get us through about a month on his own.  I like to work.  It makes me feel secure.  I like resting after work because then I feel like I deserve the down time. The prospects for a job in the new city look good though they all seem to pay less than where I am working now, and with a full book where I work now I can bank.  Anything less than three a day for more than a week and my check gets much slimmer so it’s a bit of a gamble working here, but I’m usually very blessed when it comes to work and I am at least taken care of.  I’m just nervous and feeling nostalgic. I will miss my first massage job.  It was a good one.


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