So I have officially informed my boss that my last day will be in Sept. I almost cried, she almost cried. She told me that she was excited for me and to definitely use her as a reference. I’m glad I have a good relationship with her and my coworkers, but that is precisely why it is so hard to leave them. Why can’t I just take them with me??! I hope my new job is just as pleasing to work for.
The move in date on my shared calender with Bf is titled “Shit Gets Real.” And boy does it ever. This will be the second time I live with a boyfriend, but it really feels like the first time (insert Modanna Like A Virgin). I guess it feels that way because before C and I lived on our own he lived with me and my family for about a year so there wasn’t a difficult transition. Yet with Bf I feel like this is the first “adult” relationship I’ll be entering so everything feels so different so much so as to be the “first” time.
My life has turned into a Modanna song.


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