I am packing.  Holy jeeze I am packing my things!!!  I’m also trying to seriously cut down on my possessions. (That word looks wrong spelled out..)  I’m moving into a one bedroom condo with Bf and a dog, I seriously don’t need all of the things I have.  Last night I packed up books and DVDs.  I found a notebook that M and I used to write all of our stoner thoughts in and read through that for a good half hour.  I guess it’s not really packing unless you deviate somewhere.  I filled one box and a basket up with Goodwill things.  Then I packed up my “office” stuff.  Still want to go through that box and really consider whether I need those woodless coloring pencils or not.  I have a lot of art supplies because I want to be artsy but the truth is I lack discipline to hone that skill in.  So I just do weird things on small note cards and mail them to my friends.  It works.  I’m not going to be working for a whole week and that freaks me out so much!!  But that time will be needed to play with my friends and say goodbye to family.  Jeeze.Can I just be living there now?


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