A Crystal Cup

I believe it was Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark, that once (SPOILERS) Indiana arrived at the room where the ark was held he saw many shiny cups.  Gold, silver, possibly crystal as well, but instead of picking one of these for the ark Indie finds the least assuming and simplest cup of clay and lifts this up as the true ark.  This clay cup makes sense when compared to the ideals of Jesus.  The humility and humble nature of the God made man.  I still wonder what Jesus’ DNA would have looked like under a microscope. If the son of God didn’t need a crystal cup why do I?



Packing up his gear

First he lays out his duffel.  He goes to the closet and picks out at least one nice shirt which he lays carefully beside the duffel on the bed. He makes his way to the trunk and picks out his t-shirts, four, which he puts in a pile beside the nice shirt beside the duffel on the bed.  He lays these items on the bed so he can see his week in advanced.  Two pairs of jeans go beside the shirts. Then the socks and boxers are picked out.  He puts his hands on his hips and stares at the nice shirt his brow doesn’t wrinkle but you can read his thoughts in his face.  Is it too nice? Can I wear sneakers with it?  No and yes.  So he goes into the bathroom and gets his razor, his shaving cream, the toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and aftershave. All of these items fit in a rectangular mesh travel bag. The travel bag is put into the middle part but the front of the duffel. Then the clothing goes in. First the jeans, then the boxers, then the shirts. The socks are put along the side.  He stands over the bag mentally checking off all the items.  Finally he puts his book and pencil in the front pocket. He turns to me and confused he asks why I haven’t gotten a thing packed.  All I can do is laugh a little and kiss his lips. He has no clue how sexy he is.


In the shade

Because you’re laying in the grass under the tree like the girl you read about in the book.  You feel the warmth of the sun around you and hear the wind in the trees. It’s peaceful but you’re bored.  The grass is poking through your shirt and making your arms itchy.  It smells nice outside but the dust from the wind makes you sneeze.  You roll over and your hip bone hits a rock.  Maybe you’ll read the book you brought.  That’s why this itches, the girl in the book had a blanket. Dangit. Alright well now your elbows have creases from the grass and rocks.  Your shoulders hurt from holding yourself up so you roll back over.  Deep breaths, close your eyes, it’s so nice to be outside and alone with the world. You reach for your phone but turn it over you came out here to be tranquil dammit. So now you feel bored and you look around at the trees.  Cool, they’re tall and pretty just like they’ve always been.  The grass is green and the bugs…well the bugs exist. Can’t blame them you are in their territory after all.  Some more deep breaths. You sit up and breathe deeper.  In and out you count your breaths.  You count to one hundred and realize you’ve been counting for a while, but you let that go and you count some more.  Deep breaths, 135, deep breaths, 178, deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths.