In the shade

Because you’re laying in the grass under the tree like the girl you read about in the book.  You feel the warmth of the sun around you and hear the wind in the trees. It’s peaceful but you’re bored.  The grass is poking through your shirt and making your arms itchy.  It smells nice outside but the dust from the wind makes you sneeze.  You roll over and your hip bone hits a rock.  Maybe you’ll read the book you brought.  That’s why this itches, the girl in the book had a blanket. Dangit. Alright well now your elbows have creases from the grass and rocks.  Your shoulders hurt from holding yourself up so you roll back over.  Deep breaths, close your eyes, it’s so nice to be outside and alone with the world. You reach for your phone but turn it over you came out here to be tranquil dammit. So now you feel bored and you look around at the trees.  Cool, they’re tall and pretty just like they’ve always been.  The grass is green and the bugs…well the bugs exist. Can’t blame them you are in their territory after all.  Some more deep breaths. You sit up and breathe deeper.  In and out you count your breaths.  You count to one hundred and realize you’ve been counting for a while, but you let that go and you count some more.  Deep breaths, 135, deep breaths, 178, deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths.


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