What You See

What YOU see. What I see. Seeing is believing. (Tarzan) Oh I see. Do you see what I see? What did you just see?

One time as I was working the cash register at a truck stop I saw a man drop a piece of poop from his hands on to the ground while on his way to the bathroom.

I have seen lots of boobs while working as a massage therapist. I have also seen a few ball sacks.

I have seen a LOT of porn.

I’ve seen a baby’s birth.  That was pretty cool.

I have seen both my mother and father cry.

I have seen my best friend broken.

I have seen my best friend marry the man of her dreams.

I have seen what drug addiction looks like

I have seen my Grandmother die

I’ve seen myself as best as I could do the best that I can while making the best of the situations at hand because I’ve only seen so much but what is yet to be seen

will be even better



J and I cook in different ways.  I rarely use a timer and generally taste to make sure something is cooked.  The biggest difference is pasta. J will ask, “How much time does this have?” and I just shrug my shoulders and tell him to pull a piece out and test it.  He just shakes his head.  Other than that we make food together very well.  If he does something differently than I would I ask him why and he explains.  He does the same with me, and this way we learn new techniques and sometimes a few short cuts.  I love cooking things with J.  He makes the process so much more enjoyable (and I like to cook).  Even if he isn’t actually helping me it’s still nice to have him around to talk to.

Now that we are engaged our countdown will be our wedding.  We’ve decided on May of 2017.  It’s a while away but we have time to save money and get things planned out.  I even bought a wedding planning book.  I have never been much for super girly things and I doubt I will become a “Bridezilla” but I have decided to take this thing and actually get into it at east for J’s sake.  He really wants a ceremony.  So I will take this seriously and actually make plans.  He’s been so busy and stressed about the HOA I hope the wedding planning will be a happier distraction.  (Voting for new officers is in Jan and he has decided to step down as president)  So the timer is set!  May 2017 here we come!!