What You See

What YOU see. What I see. Seeing is believing. (Tarzan) Oh I see. Do you see what I see? What did you just see?

One time as I was working the cash register at a truck stop I saw a man drop a piece of poop from his hands on to the ground while on his way to the bathroom.

I have seen lots of boobs while working as a massage therapist. I have also seen a few ball sacks.

I have seen a LOT of porn.

I’ve seen a baby’s birth.  That was pretty cool.

I have seen both my mother and father cry.

I have seen my best friend broken.

I have seen my best friend marry the man of her dreams.

I have seen what drug addiction looks like

I have seen my Grandmother die

I’ve seen myself as best as I could do the best that I can while making the best of the situations at hand because I’ve only seen so much but what is yet to be seen

will be even better


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