I had a dream, where I was working at the gas station again. Only my co workers were the people I work with at the day spa. I was taking out the trash when I see a dead cat. I get sad, but I continue cleaning the area. Then I see another cat. Then I see in another trash can two more cats stacked on each other. I start to cry a little here. I am very sad because it looks like all of these cats were thrown into bags to suffocate then thrown into the trash. Then on top of the two cats I see a very very tiny kitten. The size of my pinky. I see it breathing so I try to give it water. In the back of my mind I know that it won’t make it because it isn’t developed enough but I still want it to live. I pick it up to bring it to water. As it lifts its legs are dangling and to my horror I see it has no feet. So in my head that’s it for the kitten. That was the last straw and it won’t live. So I start to bawl and sob. My co-worker Mal comes out and I hug him while I cry. He is very confused and just pats my back. He tells me to go home. I get my things together. I grab my jacket and backpack, which in the dream is a clear backpack like the kind I used to wear in elementary school, and I go to the manager with everything in my hands and ask if I can go home. She looks at me, sees I have been crying, and she says, “You only get married once.” miss and allows me to go home.