It Is Red

I feel like I bleed all of the time. My lady cycle is always jacked up and sometimes there is a ton of blood and sometimes very little.  Sometimes it lasts for two weeks and sometimes just five days.  Then there are the times I cut myself shaving.  Then those spots bleed for hours.  I’ve already ruined two fitted sheets because of bleeding.  I feel like i constantly cycle through underwear. These kinds of things stress me out so bad.

Lately I have been getting these microneedling sessions with a coworker.  He puts a cream on my face to numb it up, and I hate it.  I hate that numb feeling.  It’s the worst part of the process.  I can deal with the warmth and the redness after but the numbing drives me bananas. It is very much necessary though.  I don’t want to feel 30+ needles jabbing my face.

I just feel like such a sloppy mess when I bleed.