Isaiah 25

Praise to God
  v7 He will swallow upndeath forever
Seems like everything will be good, but first it gets real bad.


Isaiah 22

Proclamation against Jerusalem

   Their response wasn’t appropriate. They ignored God and what he asked for. They did what they wanted. 

  If God doesn’t need me, then why does He want me?

  If He needs me, what does He need me for?

  My insolence says, “I didn’t ask for this. Why would I want this?” There are people all over this world in various stages of “have” and “have not”, for what? What Great Mystery can make sense of all this? That I go to work, have a dog and a dishwasher, but there are children dying because they are hungry?

  We have not been kind to one another, and we have not been good stewards of this Earth.

  We confess we have not been an obedient church.

Isaiah 21

V4 The night for which I longed He turned into fear for me
 Wanting evil to get its just reward is normal. It is human, but sometimes the consequences that follow are scary as well. 

When a nation falls…more than just your enemy is down. There are economics, refugees, and possibly bloodshed.

Isaiah 20

The sign against Egypt and Ethiopia
This is our expectation. To be naked and afraid. 

The Lord will deliver us. When he thinks we have learned our lesson. But it’s hard to teach following generations what to do and why when they live and grow up in prosperity. 

And it’s hard to teach following generations what to do and why when they grow up in poverty and oppression. 

Anger because they have nothing to do

Anger because they can do nothing

Isaiah 19

Proclamation Against Egypt 

Sometimes the way the bible talks about only one region concerns me. Then I remember that many places so that. God had to start somewhere. Americans make movies and books based in America as if it is the only piece of land ever. 

The Path had to start somewhere to set up a highway for The rest of the globe. 

Isaiah 18

Proclamation Against Ethiopia
War, huh. What is it good for?

God used war. God encouraged war. He used man against man to punish. 

Or maybe he “allowed” it to happen because he “knew” it would happen. So he used for his purpose. 

Just some thoughts on Isaiah chapter 18. Feel free to give your own. I’m going to try to do this more often.